When the going gets tough what do we do? How do you cope in life when situations come to shake your foundations? Do you run to the nearest pub and drink or the local off license and grab yourself the cheapest bottle of wine and get ready to drown your sorrows ? Do you look for your rizzla and build yourself a skunk filled joint and smoke yourself silly so your no longer in a sound mind? Do you try to sound out your panic thoughts by any means?

If this is you then I just want to let you know that I tried this and more I had to stop one day get on my knees and pray and in doing this is was a life changer I learned how to deal with the issues of life differently and I learnt how to walk with the newness of mind and how to cope in reality with the things that were being thrown my way. 

Pray is a conversation with our creator and it’s simple to do and free of charge so if you have had any encounters and changes through pray please use this blog page to share and encourage someone else.

Pray broke my addictions and helped change my mindset into who I am today what has it done for you?