I have been at this church since the middle of March 2016 I knew when I was going there I would have to say bye to Cogic in Mosely suddenly as the Lord was preparing me to move for a season of work and productivity , even though I knew this a part of me was still on holiday mode and I was not really ministering much but rather healing and recovering from personal family issues I had over come. 

I arrived the Sunday and as I was worshiping I just felt like crying and it was a cry of sadness and joy at the same time as each transition on this walk can be hard to say bye to your comfort zone and hello to new environment. I felt the Lord saying I was to attend this fellowship and no matter what I wanted I must be still and remain And only move when He tells me to. 

I have been disobedient in the past and have learnt to listen to the fathers voice more than anything as listening brings life and not listening can bring death to many areas and stagnancy. Since arriving it’s been a huge journey in one year but I’ve learnt that the reason we are sent somewhere is to be productive and also to grow and develop as a person. I am not one to warm a church bench and I know those who have been sat in church for years not growing need to start asking God where to go rather this going where they want and doing what they want. We are here to grow and be perfected and follow the leading of God and no matter how things are we must learn to stay still and not be moved, Weather people accept you or not you must listen to the fathers voice and stay to fulfill each purpose and complete each assingemt and operate on love to God and his family which is your family by the blood of Jesus Christ.

Living waters is a small fellowship with a big heart just as Cogic was and also Cogop Bslsall Heath , there is a family that I can call upon that will pray for my needs and also accept the gifts that may lay in me for them. Looking around I feel I am back home in Trinidad at church and the people are lovely and warm just like back home . The pastor Vicki and Tom maginely are elders whom carry wisdom and knowledge of God and they are open to teach and correct those sent in their care and also open to accepting people like me who may come in not like your normal church girl. I think what I’m trying to say is that the father will and should reveal to you where you need to be and you need to get there as soon as possible and not delay and allow God to do His work in you and through you. 

Having the simplicity of the gospel shared is refreshing and what’s needed in this time when many complicate the truth please feel free to listen to the podcast , pastor Vicki maginely preaching on “The Word “.

Breaking Free Sis Melinda Williams Podcast | Dec 4, 2016 Pastor Vicki Maginley http://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-32dqb-653069
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