Have you ever hated and said to yourself you will never forgive someone for what they have done to you or to someone else? Well we have all been there I know I have . But over time and over life’s lessons I’ve had to learn how to forgive , the lessons have come when I have been hurt and rejected by the ones I love dearly. How else would the power of forgiveness be on a pedestal other than when opportunity presents its self.
You get hurt a close friend betrays you or even goes behind your back and shares all that you have told them in confidence , what do you do? You fall out you Argue and you even tell them that’s it the friendship is over and you can’t trust them no more… You spend months talking about how much they hurt you tell anyone who would listen and trying to gain support which in the end leads to gossip and more problems . The reason you can’t stop taking about it is because you miss that friend and deep down your hurt and wish you were back to how things were. You see society has taught us to behave in this way and how to not forgive and it’s better to walk away when in fact the best thing to do and most healthy thing is to sit down talk and discuss the problem and resolve it in love and forgiveness. If you were really that close to the person then love which God calls us to do is better than hate.

The first time you forgive actually breaks the mentality strongholds of you and the process after this is amazing. You find over and over you get hurt but not hung up over each issue that comes your way, you find that you forgive more and love more and become happier rather than bitter and angry.

It’s a healthy option and one that can cause you and your health to go a long way and also it can cause your father in heaven to forgive you for all the things you’ve done wrong against him. He said simply in his word in the Lord’s Prayer… ” forgive us father as we forgive others ” the beautiful thing is when we forgive others our father in heaven will also forgive us…
I don’t know about you but I want to be forgiven for all the sins I’ve done which are to many to number so I started by forgiving others as I realised I’m no better than anyone else, as we all fall short of Gods glory and we all have flaws and faults it’s time to love and be patient with one another just as our Heavenly Father has been patient with us many times and He still is. We ought to do to others freely as He has done with us.