I was having life reasonable good, being able to manage my budget, try avoid getting into debt and also supporting my mother in Jamaica. Although my wages was small I pay my tithes and have so much to do with it, yet I never seem to run out of pocket, praise God.

Something took a dramatic turn in my life that cause me to end up on the street sleeping outside. In all my life I have never experienced nor have I no need to be sleeping on the street this was a shock to my persona. I had to wash myself in public toilets and it makes me feel so worthless, low in mood and a failure, just absolutely negative.

I began to question myself what is happening? Why do I end up outside? How this would affect my mother in Jamaica if she know am on the street sleeping? It cannot be real it must be a nightmare am living out.

On the third week I decided to get myself up and seek help. I went to the neighbourhood office in the area they could not help me because I was not priority having had no children with me. They gave me a list of places that might be able to help. I tried them until I found one that was suitable, a hostel for women. It was another shock for me but I had to keep praying and try to maintain my sanity. I became desperate to find a places to worship so one of the woman there told me of a little church not far and they really on fire. I decided to visit on a Sunday with her and the rest is history.

I began going to prayer meetings, bible study, christian school, service and anything else. The people were welcoming especially the acting pastor who reached out to me in special way. Gradually, I began to forgive the person who cause me to end up on the street, I prayed with ernestness for God to help me not to harbour bitterness but to look at the experience has him speaking to me because he love me unconditionally.

I pray for God to give me a home near this church so I can be were these caring people are. I was at the hostel for 6 months then I got a flat near to the church, praise God. The pastor and deacon volunteer to give me a hand with painting and get the essentials. I did not have any money to get the floor done or furniture to put in there but I pray and claim it in Jesus name. The hostel was trying to get me some financial assistance but got turn down I only was given a voucher to spend at B&Q because I was still working. Anyway, I said to God you are my father and I am depending on you to take care of me.

The pastor and church gave a small fund but I got a call one day about some PPI money to claim from the bank. I fell on my knees and worship God and I kept claiming the furniture in the flat. The day the money from the bank reached my account it was in excess of £6,000 first I pay my tithes from it then I began looking about the flat. Sister Melinda, gave me some help and took me to a store where I could get some reasonable furniture. Through it all I have learnt to trust in God, I have learnt to depend upon his words. I also wanted to start my nurse training, I applied at Birmingham City University and got selected to start in October 2011.

Today I am working as a nurse, I applied to the home office for my mother to get her five year visa, she got it and can visit as often as she wish and I am still fellowshiping with the same church members and sis Melinda who I make every effort to offer my support. When you know God in personal way it is great to talk and share of his awesomeness to others.