What does sickness look Like on someone? Normally not good , so what does spiritual and moral sickness look like and sound like? Imagine a family arguing and not getting on, would it sound nice and look good? No it’s what I class as sickness within. It goes beyond the human body and involves groups of people who can become infected with gossip anger malice hate and unforgivness . When this sickness enters in to us or among us we desperately need to call 999 or in our view kneel down and pray and call the heavily father for intervention before it leads to critical sickness and maybe death of friendships and unity.

Are you part of a social group of people or friends ? Do you have a family? Or belong to a church body? If so you know that the dynamics can be testing at times with so Many opinions and views so many hurts and pains, this is a podcast sharing how anger bitterness and many more attitudes can be classed as sickness within your local body and group gathering . I hope that it helps you take time to reflect and see if you can change for the best or see others in a new light and apply the word of God to bring about a good change with your group and maintain love happiness and joy. Many people have fall outs or arguments but how we move forward and deal with it is important to the affects it has on people we can either be healed and happy or broken and in bondage it’s down to you to choose the right action. Please listen to part 1 and 2 and enjoy. God bless you … Sister Melinda Williams