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Doing the works of Y’shua / Jesus

No where in the Old Testament do we find such demonstration of God’s love for those whom satan has bound. Yet in the New Testament we see one of the most fascinating aspects in the ministry of Jesus is deliverance.” the reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the works of the devil” (1 john 3:8) it’s important to know weather you are a believer of Christ or not that the spiritual realm is real and exists and even people whom have been attending a Christian base organisation or fellowship may need deliverance.

The word salvation actually means deliverance and y’shua (Jesus) means THE LORD SAVES. Many people today are struggling with life issues maybe from birth and The Lord has come to save and offer salvation to all who want to receive it. I am very passionate about deliverance and healing as I was so bound by issues of this world addictions, emotional, mental, physical and spiritual bondage and until I got into relationship with y’shua and the Word of God and the relationship with the Father and Holy Ghost.

Ever since I have experienced such freedom and now want to help others to walk in a mindset of freedom and joy no matter what comes our way. Many battles we face is due to the spiritual realm and dynamics and because we are not taught this at school or home we can go on for many years bound and depressed thinking this is our life. But you au need deliverance from demonic /negative energy spirits and loosing from spiritual bondage and not even aware of it. You may be tormented restless fearful anxious and always worrying that can be changed through deliverance.

Many people are influenced by demonic spirits subtly and are not aware of it if you are struggling or have been in a area in your life of family tree for a long time please know through prayers and faith as dealing with it with experienced people in faith you can break free. We are a team of people from all background who are willing to meet with you counsel mentor and advice you in these areas and willing to help take you through a deliverance process through teaching praying and healing. Please make contact if you feel you need help or know of someone who may need intervention holistically.

Please contact us on 07792557204 for further help and advice and if you would like us to meet you or if you would like to book in for a deliverance session with myself and others experienced and compassionate in this area.

Also please check out this web link on more detail information on deliverance topics

Blessings and hope we can help you
Sister Melinda