About Melinda Williams

Sister Melinda Williams born in Trinidad, raised in United Kingdom as a young girl, has always known the Lord. Through different life experiences and test and trials, she has a passion to serve the Lord by serving His people and fulfilling the commission that’s been given; To go forth and heal All manner of sickness diseases and set the captives free, heal the broken hearted, proclaim the day of The Lord and preach the good news from the gospel.

After overcoming many life issues through a relationship with God and prayer and by faith I have been equipped to minister words of healing and teaching which will bring many to a relationship and understanding of God and His word. Through His son Yeshua ,and The Holy Spirit.

I am available to meet for prayer and encouragement, to share my Testimony, to teach the Word of God making it applicable to any situation that you may be facing and bring deliverance and healing of mind emotions and physical being.

I have come from a street life an underground lifestyle which was not healthy and after giving up illegal work to give my life to God I have never looked back once. I am not someone that looks down on others but rather I see their potential.

I know that Moses the great leader was a murder that God chose to use and King David who now has schools named after him was also a murder and an adulterer and God chose him. If God can choose me and choose Moses and David oh and not forgetting rahab the prostitute then He can definitely choose to use anyone.

I have been blessed to mentor individuals and spot there gifts and talents encouraging them to walk in it. I have done children’s ministry and lay preaching. I have spent time to ministering to children and young adults giving them an ear to listen and some useful advice that can assist them in their upbringing and decision making.

God created each one of us and has a purpose for us no matter what we have been through; It was the process to purpose.
Please feel free to contact me for more help and advice on your purpose and direction or ministry consultation

If you want to know about the powerful Testermony of God in my life that can not deny His exsistence do feel free to contact us

God bless you all in Yeshua Holy name.
Sister Melinda Williams.

melinda williams